15th APEC Women Leaders Network Meeting(19-21 September 2010 Tokyo)

Startup Project in Japan --Japanese Women Challenging to Development and Entrepreneur in the Field of Craft and Technology

Explanation of your Display and PR

Demonstration and Display
Japanese women entrepreneurs challenging in the field of Shop-floor(Monozukuri) Technologies will demonstrate their services and share their start-up stories. Why were they motivated to start-up? How did they launch their services? They will share their inside stories mainly during the coffee breaks. About 5-10 minutes per one demonstration.
Message BoardWe will unveil Japanese women entrepreneurs' "manifestos". Discover their visions and goals for the year 2010. This display aims to show various Japanese women entrepreneurs in different fields.

Introduction of the organizer

AWEC(Asian Women's Economic and Business Conference)
AWEC helps build network of industry professionals. We analyze each Asian country's economic situation and consumer spending, and we will forecast the direction of its economy from a women's perspective, as the leading consumers of these countries.

J300 is an annual conference for 300 women entrepreneurs. Held at Tokyo's Omotesando Hills, this year's theme was "Cherish things at hand, and shoot for the moon".

Based on a theme of "network driven innovation", BRIDGE 2010 hosts seminars and serves as a meeting ground for leaders in the field of innovations such as young entrepreneurs, engineers and social entrepreneurs.