15th APEC Women Leaders Network Meeting(19-21 September 2010 Tokyo)

What is Ecotourism?


Explanation of your Display and PR

What is Ecotourism?
We will not only answer to this simple question but also introduce good ecotours and ecotour-guides in our booth. If you are lucky, you might see a real ecotour-guide from Australia!
  • What is Ecotourism?
    The objectives of Ecotourism are:
    1. to create a form of tourism that utilizes unique local natural, historical and cultural resources
    2. to promote the conservation and preservation of local resources through appropriate management
    3. to effectively activate local communities by means of the sustainable utilization of local resources.
  • Woman's sensibility is a key to success
    There are many female ecotour-guides, producers and researchers in Japan. As you know, ecotourism aims to combine the conservation of resources, the promotion of tourism and the activation of local communities. Sensibility of women is necessary to achieve those objectives.
  • Ecotour Certification System called "Good Eco-Tour (GET)"
    We will introduce "Good Eco-Tours" as well as other ecotours operated by our members.
  • "I wish to meet this Guide! 100 Guides Project"
    We will introduce unique and fantastic ecotour-guides in Japan

Introduction of the organizer

JES was established in 1998. JES aims to provide an open forum for people who are involved with Ecotourism so that appropriate Ecotourism will be developed in respective areas and our rich and beautiful natural and cultural environment including local community will be passed on to future generations.
For promoting Ecotourism, JES supports people who are interested in Ecotourism by providing information, giving consultations and holding events.
So please feel free to contact us or join our events.