15th APEC Women Leaders Network Meeting(19-21 September 2010 Tokyo)

Activities of Japan Association for HEIB and Consumer Affairs Professionals in Business (

Explanation of your Display and PR

HEIB Japan transmit information to the society through the journal and various publication as a results of our researches. The following are a few examples of our activity.
  1. Publication of "Research for full time working women and their lifestyle"
    We conduct a periodical research for full time working women about their philosophy of work and lifestyle, to learn the changes of their mind and activities over time. This research is conducted since 1985. The 8th Report released in June 2010 is available.
  2. "Information Cards" as a memorial event for the 30th anniversary We published a booklet to shed light upon gaps between consumer's standpoint and supplier's perspective, from various points of view.
  3. HEIB Bag
    Special bag we offer for working women
  4. Report HEIB
    Report HEIB is the journal we publish to introduce our activities, as well as to introduce our members and notable companies.

Introduction of the organizer

Founded in 1978, HEIB Japan focus to brush up skills of women who work at the consumer related division of various companies, to perform better role as a pipeline between consumers and suppliers. Our members are all women, engaged in business such as consumer service, consumer educations, publicity, product development and others, from various industries of companies such as food, chemical, electricity, retailer and wholesaler, and many others. We share information and opinions by working cooperatively among members.
Our objective is to build a credible relationship between consumers and business enterprises, and to achieve meaningful role in an ever changing society. Headquarter of HEIB Japan is in Tokyo, having branch offices in Kansai and Kyushu area. We have approximately 150 members, who belong to 114 companies. Our activities include monthly meeting and various subcommittees.
The name HEIB originated from Home Economists in Business, which was founded as a subcommittee of the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences in the 1920's.