15th APEC Women Leaders Network Meeting(19-21 September 2010 Tokyo)

Consumers Movement by Women and Development of Corporate

Explanation of your Display and PR

Consumer's point of view is essential for development of economy and society.
In Japan, consumer movement had strong power in high economic growth period. They addressed the issues of product safety, food safety, transparency of price, and fare trade. They also took wide range of actions, learning, research, PR, advocating to manufacturers and government, enshrine into law.
Those actions were highly influence on quality of products and services of Japanese manufacturers and corporate ethics.
After World War II, Japanese economic development can not be ignored without power of women and consumer movement. The National federation of regional women's organizations is one of consumer organizations, as an exhibition, grassroots women's society improvement activities, especially, consumer campaign and introducing, apart of activities, create cosmetics and company "CHIFURE". "CHIFURE" has been developed by the National federation of regional women's organizations and manufacture partnership under the concept of "Reasonable and Safety, anybody can use" which is women consumers wish.
CHIFURE sold by member's network of National federation of regional women's organization which is the First company has approached information disclosure of all ingredients, quantity, purpose of composition, cutting extra packing material, developing of refill products, and spray products devoid of Freon gas. CHIFURE has played a role to lead social responsibility of the company, partnership of consumer and manufacture.
We introduce SAKURA MOTION PICTURES CO.,LTD which constituted by one stock ownership of National federation of regional women's organizations members. Mainly develop social education movie which purpose of life improvement, civil consciousness development, Cultural assets, Art, Traditional craft, Science, Short animation films, etc. those are contributed Japanese regions society, culture development, also highly evaluated in over seas.

Introduction of the organizer

Grassroots women's network in every region of the county has organized life regional related activities. (Welfare, environmental issues, disaster prevention, child care, education, gender equality, local revitalization, advocating, etc.) We also has been approaching Consumer issues, consumer movement for a long time.