15th APEC Women Leaders Network Meeting(19-21 September 2010 Tokyo)

The Fourth World Conference on Women Collection at the Women's Archives Center


Explanation of your Display and PR

While the rural regions face the problems of population decline and increasing aging population, women actively engage themselves in various activities in order to support the future of so called the 6th industry of the agriculture, forestry and fishery industries. This 6th industry is a newly emerging term given for process which go beyond the solao production but also involves effective utilization of locally available resources, strategic distribution and setting up direct sale shops, as well as running farm restaurants for the goods produced in farms. This term covers the process from production to the sales with the strong idea of locality.
Women work hand in hand to attract people to the rural life through various activities with the core principle of effective utilization of locally available resources. This has led to the revitalization of agriculture, forestry and fishery industries in Japan.
Our exhibition mainly presents the followings three areas; "Rural Women's Entrepreneurship Activities", "The History of Rural Women's Day Forum" - its changing contexts and the objectives over the time, and "International Cooperation and Cultural exchange supported by Rural Women". You will be able to meet and listen to the talk of the rural women entrepreneurs, and also to see the hand made products of those women's groups.

Introduction of the organizer

Promoting gender equality is considered as a vital role to create attractive farming industry in rural areas. WELI believes that gender equality in rural areas cannot be achieved without the active participation of women and the improvement of their status in the societies. With more than 50 years of established experience, we have assisted the rural women as the only one association that provides the Rural Women Support Centre in good collaboration with other women associations related to the agriculture, forestry and fishery industries.
In the current fiscal year of 2010, we are focusing on the following operations, which are "promotion of social participation of rural women", "research on rural women's working style", "trainings and seminars in national level for capacity building of rural women", "awarding successful rural women' activities", "international research on rural women", "assisting women's groups and their networking".