15th APEC Women Leaders Network Meeting(19-21 September 2010 Tokyo)

Community Business produced by Women from Town of diversity -Kita City, Tokyo


16:30-21:30 (Tentative)
Tour Itinerary
WLN - bus - The Kita City Gender Equality Center(Space Yuu) - bus - Jujoginza shopping mall - walk - Vi Machinaka(dinner) - bus - WLN
Dining place
Vi Machinaka
Dinner Menu and special dietary consideration for religious concerns and vegetarians
Full course dinner of organic vegetables and bean products, All vegetable dishes
The number of people (Max)
The minimum number of people the project can be carried out

Tour Description

Oji and Jujo areas in Kita City are typical popular towns in Tokyo. We'll visit Space Yuu-public core center to promote gender equality and Vi Machinaka-place of community business for health and safe diet produced by local women.
1 The Kita City Gender Equality Center (Space Yuu)
  • Public core center - local policies and women's empowerment
  • Planetarium Hall - unique symbol of Kita City
  • Cafe - a training place for people with disabilities
  • fair trade shops
2 Jujoginza shopping mall
This is one of the busiest malls in Kita City. We'll go to the dinner site strolling around here and looking at the grocery stores, fish shops, clothing stores, etc.
3 Vi Machinaka
  • Place of community business for healthy and safety diet produced by local women.
  • Dining space - organic food dishes served by people with disabilities for the aged, people with disabilities and the parents with their babies
  • consulting room-for women
  • event space-for everyone's use
*Japanese culture experience-[1] you can see and practice Japanese calligraphy [2] you can enjoy traditional Japanese tea ceremony after dinner

Introduction of the organizer

We are three women who met at the Space Yuu. We have been making the best use of our specialties to promote gender equality in Kita City and to establish this town project. Kita City has a lot of aged, people with disabilities and foreign people . We aim to make opportunities to meet each other and to be a town that is culturally diverse but it is integrated too.