15th APEC Women Leaders Network Meeting(19-21 September 2010 Tokyo)

Japanese New Culture


Sep. 21 Farewell Dinner

Explanation of your vent and PR

We arranged "ZYosakoi" in modern style and it has left good oldness of Japan. It feels energetic, powerful and beautiful. We perform "Yosakoi" with a unique style of instrument "Naruko" and special costumes. Recently, "Yosakoi" becomes a popular festival all over the country, and has led to activation of the area. We would like to spread "Yosakoi" all over the world.

Introduction of the organizer

"REDA Maikagura"
Our team are working in Funebashi Chiba-Ken and more.
We are the teams which are on the register from teens to 60's, and 100 or more members pull together and we dance.
The theme of dance in 2010 is "Kitsune-no Yomeiri". It has the legend that foxes burns a paper lantern and goes to a husband's house. We express a Japanese-style marriage ceremony by "Yosakoi".
Please enjoy our SHOW!!! Come on join us!!!