15th APEC Women Leaders Network Meeting(19-21 September 2010 Tokyo)


Sep. 20 After Workshop

Explanation of your vent and PR

  • In recent years, women have had less opportunities to wear kimono because western style garments have been greatly popularized and commonly worn. However, in order to carry the tradition of kimono, a symbol of Japanese aesthetic beauty, to succeeding generations, it is necessary to propose the idea that kimono can be worn casually and stylishly as a "new fashion featuring modern design".
  • In light of the above, Kyoto Prefecture and the Management Committee of "Kimono-no-niau-machi Kyoto"", which consists of Japanese traditional clothing-related bodies in Kyoto will jointly exhibit traditional kimonos made recently using excellent craftsmanship and traditional artistic design as well as introduce kimonos with a contemporary design that can be worn in real life in a variety of situations such as at a Christmas party or on a date. Additionally, a professional hair and make-up artist of Shiseido will demonstrate hair styles and make-up that match kimono outfits in a totally coordinated fashion show.

    (For reference: The fashion show held in front of JR Kyoto station on 24 October 2009.)

Introduction of the organizer

In order to support Japanese tradition and culture and safeguard, carry over and promote Kyoto's traditional industry - a treasure Kyoto prides - Kyoto Prefecture is actively engaged in various programs, including human resources development, technology succession, new product development, and promotion.
The management committee, consisting of Kyoto's Japanese clothing industry, local governments, tourism organizations, etc., was established in 2005. The committee promotes various programs to establish Kyoto's image as "a city that offers an excellent setting and atmosphere for wearing kimono" as well as to provide "occasions to wear kimono". Programs for kimono wearers include the "Kyoto Kimono Passport", which provides discounts and benefits to people clad in kimono, and events that encourage participants to wear kimono.

KYOTO KIMONO Passport(http://www.kimono-passport.jp/