15th APEC Women Leaders Network Meeting(19-21 September 2010 Tokyo)

The 15th APEC Women Leaders Network (WLN) Meeting comprises female leaders in all sectors, including business, academia, government and civil society, from the 21 APEC economies.
This gathering, one of a number of related APEC meetings, strives to contribute to women's economic activities as a means to achieve gender equality. APEC chair countries take turns and hold a meeting every year.
Ever since the first meeting in the Philippines in 1996, through the total of 14 gatherings to date, a large number of women have participated in WLN and committed themselves to formulating policy proposals to the APEC Leaders, and to Ministers for SMEs, for Trade, and for Women.
With 300 to 500 female leaders from the 21 APEC economies coming together in the 15th WLN, a sound international venue for communication has been established to share their ideas about women's economic activities.


Welcome address by Yukako Uchinaga, Chairperson of 2010 APEC WLN Steering Committee, has been added.

Yukako Uchinaga
The theme of the 2010 APEC WLN is "Creation of New Global Economic Activities by Women -- Realization Through People, Nature, and Culture." Business models are now changing dramatically in the wake of the recent economic crisis. New business models from now on will emphasize environment, culture, and human relations, three areas in which women especially excel. I hope that women from various fields will participate fully, so that women leaders of the 21 APEC economies can create strong networks for future activities on this occasion of the 2010 APEC WLN.

Member List of 2010 APEC WLN Steering Committee

  Name Title
Chairperson Yukako Uchinaga Director and Executive Vice President, Benesse Holdings, Inc.,
Chairman of the Board, CEO and President, Berlitz International Inc.,
Board Chair, NPO Organization Japan Women's Innovative Network
Vice Chairperson Kimie Iwata Executive Vice President, Representative Director, SHISEIDO Co., Ltd.
Vice Chairperson Kakutaro Kitashiro Senior Advisor, IBM Japan, Ltd
Vice Chairperson Hideko S. Kunii, Ph.D. Chairperson, Ricoh IT Solutions Co., Ltd.
committee member Michiko Achilles MANAGING EXECUTIVE OFFICER, Head of Human Resources, AOZORA BANK, LTD.
committee member Kentaro Iemoto President and CEO, CLARA ONLINE, Inc.
committee member Kumiko Obino President, Interact Japan Inc.
Executive Director for International Exchange and Gender Equality/Vice President,
The National University Corporation Wakayama University
committee member Kashima Takashi Professor, Jissen Women's University
committee member Kazuko Takamatsu VP, Senior General Manager Environmental Center, Sony Corporation
committee member Yoko Hashimoto Vice Chairperson, National Women's Committee of the United Nations NGO
committee member Masako Hiramatsu Managing Director, Cable Persons Inc.