Dads Cooking campaign

Get Dads Cooking Rulebook

To all those men out there who never thought they would be able to cook but feel they should be making wonderful meals for their family.

The Get Dads Cooking Rulebook have been completed with the help of campaign ambassador Takahisa Ishibashi. Why not try the Get Dads Cooking challenge!

「“おとう飯”の心得」 一つ、手早く 一つ、簡単に 一つ、リーズナブルな食材で 一つ、家の調味料を使う 一つ、後片付けは最後まで おとう飯、見守っててね、おかあはん
Message from Get Dads Cooking ambassador Takahisa Ishibashi, from the Ishibashi Hazama comic duo

Putting comedy aside for a moment, I worked on it seriously. It is a huge challenge for men who have never cooked before to make a meal for their family. “I could never do it.” “It would take a lot of effort.” “It would have to look wonderful.” I say to all men who’ve rejected cooking, take a look at the Get Dads Cooking Rulebook and give it a try. Your family will love it!!

“Get Dads Cooking ambassador Takahisa Ishibashi