Women in Japan Today 2003

International Cooperation

Assistance Plan for Gender Policies in Cambodia

There are multitudes of war widows in the Kingdom of Cambodia, a country in the process of reconstruction following a long period of civil war, and women are playing an important role in its socioeconomic reconstruction and development. However, compared to men, their socioeconomic status is low, and the majority of female-headed households live in poverty. Gender disparities impede the progress of human-centered development, and the promotion of gender equality comprises an important element in realizing of a fair society. It is also a prerequisite for peace building, an issue of utmost importance in Cambodia.

Given this social background, Cambodia requested that Japan provide assistance for the training of personnel capable of implementing policies that take women into consideration, and implement projects that support the building of social mechanisms to mainstream gender, predominantly in the Ministry of Women's and Veteran's Affairs.

Consequently, Japan determined to initiate assistance in the form of a Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) technical cooperation project scheduled for the five-year period beginning April 2003, with the goal of "capacity building in terms of policy formulation within the Ministry of Women's Affairs, and building effective mechanisms for promoting gender mainstreaming within the Government of Cambodia."

In Japan specialists in the field of gender will support training courses and dispatch experts for the project.

Over the years, donor countries, NGOs and so forth have provided Cambodia with assistance in the field of gender, but this is the first time a project undertaking the preparation of gender information and statistics, gender analysis, and the comprehensive strengthening of policy formulation and systems, such as this, will be implemented. Implementation of this project is expected to improve Cambodian women's lifestyles, advance their status and promote gender equality by realizing policies that take women into consideration, as well as contribute significantly towards poverty reduction in Cambodia.


No. Training Course Period No. of Trainees Targets
1 OISCA Rural Life Improvement and Community Development for Women Jan 22 - Dec 21 15 Advocates of agriculture and lifestyle improvement and/or local female supervisors
2 Community Maternal and Child Health Education Jan 13 - Feb 25 5 Physicians and/or senior medical strategy officers involved in planning measures for public health and medical treatment
3 Seminar on Women in Environment and Development Jan 22 - Mar 12 9 Government officers and NGO workers in charge of environmental issues and/or women's issues
4 Seminar on Promotion of Education for Girls and Women Feb 12 - Mar 8 10 Government officers and managerial staff in charge of developing women's education
5 Community Health Services Mar 24 - Jul 12 7 Government officials and NGO workers with experience in administration of public health programs
6 Counter-measure for Improvement of Maternal & Child-Health Indices II Apr 29 - Jun 16 7 Physicians and/or senior medical strategy officers involved in planning national policies for public health and medical treatment
7 Seminar on Policies to Mainstream Gender for Government Officers Jun 17 - Jul 21 8 Government officers engaged in formulating policies to improve the status of women
8 Seminar on Reproductive Health of Adolescents Jun 20 - Jul 14 10 Government officers and NGO workers in charge of the administration, planning and implementation of adolescent reproductive and sexual health programs
9 Reproductive Health Seminars for Senior Officers - Capacity Building of NGO towards Community-based RH Aug 26 - Sep 22 9 Senior government officers and NGO workers involved at a supervisory level in the administration, planning and implementation of RH/FP programs
10 Empowerment of Rural Women Sep 9 - Nov 9 11 Technical experts and government officers in charge of measures for women.
11 Seminar on Gender Understanding in Fishing Community Development Oct 31 - Dec 15 9 Central/local government officers, fisheries community leaders and NGO staff involved in supporting women's activities in fisheries
12 Nutrition and Diet Improvement for Women Leaders II Nov 4 - Jan 26 7 Staff engaged in providing guidance on nutrition, hygiene and improved dietary habits at national and public institutions
13 Seminar on Promotion of Gender Equality II Nov 17 - Dec 13 9 Senior officers involved in women's issues in managerial positions of national machineries