Gender Equality in Japan 2007

I Formation of a Gender-equal Society [PDF:5,012KB]open a new window

  1. Perceptions of Gender Equality and Stereotyped Role-Sharing
  2. Women's Participation in Policy and Decision-making Processes
  3. Present Status of Women in Employment
  4. Balancing Working Life and Child-rearing
  5. Basic Data on Gender in Japan

II Policy Framework [PDF:1,892KB]open a new window

  1. The Basic Law for a Gender-equal Society
  2. Basic Plan for Gender Equality

III National Machinery [PDF:1,537KB]open a new window

  1. National Machinery for the Promotion of the Formation of a Gender-equal Society
  2. Counsil for Gender Equality and Specialist Committees

IV Measures Toward the Realization of a Gender-equal Society [PDF:4,406KB]open a new window

  1. Expanding Women's Participation in Policy Decision-Making Processes
  2. Measures to Support Women's Challenges
  3. Measures Aimed at Eliminating All Forms of Violence against Women
  4. Cooperation with Local Governments and NGOs
  5. International Cooperation
  6. PR Activities

V Acitivities [PDF:5,089KB]open a new window

  1. Domestic Activities
  2. International Cooperation(ODA,international conferences,etc.)

Back Cover [PDF:232KB]open a new window