The Third East Asia Gender Equality Ministerial Meeting (25-26 June 2009 in Seoul, Republic of Korea)

On the 25th(Thursday)and the 26th(Friday)of June 2009, Keiko Takegawa, Deputy Director General for Policies on Inclusive Society and Gender Equality Bureau on behalf of Yuko Obuchi, Minister for Gender Equality, attended the Third East Asia Gender Equality Ministerial Meeting, where she delivered a speech as well as a presentation at the session about the violence against women. Seoul Joint Ministerial Commuque has been adopted at the end of the Meeting.

1. Date and Venue

The 25th(Thursday)- the 26th(Friday)June 2009 in Seoul, Republic of Korea

2. Themes

Priority Theme:"The Economic Crisis and Women"
Session Themes:"Climate Change and Low Carbon Green Growth", "Gender-based Information Society", "Governance and Women's Political Participation", "Violence Against Women"

3. Participating Countries and Organizations

The following 11 countries have participated in the Meeting: Brunei Darussalam, Kingdom of Cambodia, People's Republic of China, India, Republic of Indonesia, Japan,Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Republic of the Philippines, Kingdom of Thailand, Socialist Republic of Viet Nam,
The following 3 countries have participated as observer: Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Republic of Suriname, Republic of Uzbekistan
The following 2 organizations have also participated: United Nations Economic and Social Commission for ASIA and the Pacific(ESCAP)and United Nations Development Programme(UNDP).

4. The Schedule for the Next Meeting

The participants agreed that the fourth meeting will be held in Cambodia 2011.