The Present Status of Gender Equality and Measures

  1. Life-long health for women

    High check-up rates in Tohoku, etc.
    Check-up rates are higher for men (61.5%) than for women (50.7%). By prefecture, check-up rates are relatively high in Tohoku, etc. (Figure 37).

    Figure 37: Health check-up rates (by prefecture)
    (1) Women

    Figure 37: Health check-up rates (by prefecture)

    (2) Men
    (2) Men


    Hyogo Prefecture has not conducted this survey.


    Comprehensive Survey of Living Conditions of the People on Health and Welfare (1995), Ministry of Health and Welfare

    Maternal and child health-related indexesThe infant mortality rate was 3.8% (ratio to 1000 births) in 1996, with the neonatal mortality rate at 2.0% (ratio to 1000 births) and the perinatal mortality rate at 6.7% (ratio to 1000 births), while the maternal mortality rate was 5.8% (ratio to 100,000 births). Maternal and child health-related indexes such as infant and perinatal mortality rates, which are strongly affected by the mother's state of health and the conditions in which a child is raised, are all falling.