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Maya Shahaf (マヤ シャハフ) さん プロフィール写真

I’ve been interested in technology since middle school, and began my computer science related studies in high school. After completing the foundational studies, I enlisted to the military as a system administrator.
After completing my military service, I continued to study for a BA in university while working as an IT support representative at a big technological corporation. All the while, technology kept advancing in a dazzling speed.
Over the years, I’ve found technology kept growing to become a more fundamentally integrated part of everyday life, not only for me, but for many countries around the world. This has been especially true of Cloud Technology.
These days I am a Data Center Operations Technician, a Server Engineer with AWS. As part of my job I am charged with routine maintenance and repair work to ensure the integrity of AWS’ services.





When I was little I became interested in learning how things worked. I took apart old appliances at home that were not working properly and looked at how they were built. It made sense to me that learning how something was meant to work would help me find what was stopping it from working and fix it. It gave me powerful tools later in life to investigate and fix problems.
I built my first computer when I was 13 years old. We had a family PC, but I wanted something to call my own, to not have to share with the rest of the family. I got some old parts from my uncles and built a system I could use. Just doing this has taught me a lot about the inner working of computers. It taught me how much force I needed to use when installing parts or removing them, what parts are essential and what parts are not required for basic system-builds. I also learned what might happen if I’m being too forceful with the parts.
I went into the technological field in high-school, studying both electrical and electronic logic. I knew STEM professions tend to offer better pay, but mostly I wanted to understand the underlying mechanisms that made those things I played with in my free time work.



高校時代では電気と電子論理の両方を勉強しました。STEM 系職業の金銭的待遇が良いことは分かっていましたが、それよりも、自由時間に楽しんでいた、製品が動く根本的なメカニズムについて理解したいと思ったからです。


I became a Data Center operation’s Technician / server engineer after some years away from the technical field. Working in fields that had nothing to do with technology made me realize that I would prefer to work with technology. The interesting aspects of the job are when I am solving a problem, searching for the best solution.
My main scope of responsibility is fixing servers when they break, and fixing networking problems when those arise. There is little that is as rewarding as fixing a broken machine is. To bring it from not-working state to working state is an amazing feeling, and I highly recommend it. However, as part of the job I get to do many different things, like oversee different maintenance activities in the data center, participate in discussions regarding possible improvements to the service. I also have many resources for studying in the office during work hours, to expand my knowledge base.
I love also the fact that I get to work on shifts. I am often on my own in the office. It is very quiet most of the time, but lively in its own way.




To any young girl who is wondering ‘what should I do in life’, the answer is very simple – what you find interesting, what you can sit yourself down to learn, make mistakes and keep learning; that is what you should do. I recommend the technological field. It is a field that is ever growing, with many interesting and innovative new ideas every day. It will never reach a point where you think ‘oh I’ve learned everything there is to know, this is boring’.



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